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Venice, Italy (budget travel)

Venice, Italy is a nice place to visit for honeymooners, but people don’t know that it could also be quite fun for budget travelers, if you know how to find the right places.


Here’s what I love about Venice:


  1. Public transportation is by boat and ferry. The quickest way around the different islands is by the public ferry, or the traditional gondola.
  2. It has so many beautiful bridges. In fact, Venice is called the city of Bridges!
  3. If you are under 29, there are many discounts waiting for you. For instance, you can get a three-day unlimited boat pass for 28 Euros, which is normally 60 euros for people above 30. You also get discounts to a lot of the museums.
  4. Hostels are relatively cheap and are close to the city center. Try the Imbarcadero for example, on Calle Zen. It is a 5-minute walk from the Sta Lucia Venezia train station.
  5. Traveling here can be cheap. Ryan air has a flight in Venice from Paris that costs 7 euros (if you book in advance).
  6. The beaches!! If you find yourself feeling claustrophobic in the narrow alleys of the city proper, hop on a boat to Lido and other islands nearby using the public ferry. (See pictures of Lido down below).
  7. The old magnificent churches.  such as the Chiesa de San Geremia.
  8. There is a train right on the city center that links to other places such as Milan. Alternatively, you can take the train to this stop and it is very very close to everything.
  9.  The food of course. The ones that I got to try were the arranchiata (balls with rice and meat and cheese) and the mussels by the sea in Lido.